A change in your personal and professional situation can have a significant impact on your assets and your tax bill.

Taxation is also a specific field where a good mastery of the legal framework allows you to manage the tax impacts on your company and to optimize your personal assets.

Our global vision and our personalized advice will allow you to anticipate your decisions and make the most of your commercial and private assets.

Legal persons

Preparation of tax returns

Tax advice during restructuring (transformation, merger, demerger, transfer of assets, reorganization)

Request for tax agreements, discussions with authorities, follow-up and support during tax audits

Legal tax domicile

Stamp duty, withholding tax



Preparation of tax returns

Tax based on expenditure

Tax and legal domicile

Complaint and appeal procedures in tax matters

Spontaneous reporting of undeclared assets

Tax advice and planning, including application for tax agreements

Real estate gains

Inheritance and donations, pension plans

Cross-border relations (Franco-Swiss)

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