Wealth management for individuals, just like business management, is becoming increasingly complex and making the right decisions is important.

For companies, it is necessary to have the right information, as the administrative burden becomes important and the regulations numerous. As an entrepreneur, you need to be fact-based, with accurate data and relevant information.

A trusted partner like Fiduciaire J. Ineichen Ltd will help you to see clearly and will provide you with tangible decision elements for the proper functioning of your company in terms of your organizational strategy, your procedures, your management methods, your information systems and your human resources policy.

Our experts provide operational support during the implementation of changes, in the development of your business as well as in the more difficult moments that may require a reorganization.


Analysis, advice, control and diagnosis of the cost structure

Outsourcing of the finance department

Acquisition or disposal of businesses

Risk assessment

Assistance in the preparation of business plans or the search for financing

Optimization of the company’s assets

Business valuation and assessment

Post-restructuring reorganization

Legal advice

Incorporation and liquidation of companies

HR assistance and advice


Analysis and optimization of asset management

Transmission of the family business

Acquisition or disposal of businesses

Management, administration of family assets

Optimization of estates

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